Mr. Zahid Morshed

Director of Operations

Mr. Zahid Morshed is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in the fields of business, accounting, finance, and education management. With a degree in Friends of Business from IBA, he began his career in the financial industry in Bangladesh, where he served as Asst. Vice President in a prominent bank.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to broaden his horizons, Mr. Morshed embarked on an international journey, moving to Sweden as an international student. There, he pursued a Masters in Project Management from the prestigious KTH Royal Institute of Technology, further enhancing his skills and expertise.

Seeking new opportunities, Mr. Morshed then made his way to Canada, where he found a second home and decided to settle. In Canada, he focused on studying finance and accounting, further solidifying his understanding of the financial landscape.

Passionate about the development of global education and the recruitment of international students, Mr. Morshed transitioned into the education management industry. With a keen eye for sustainability and a commitment to ensuring the growth of global education, he played a pivotal role in recruiting students for various destinations.

Currently, Mr. Morshed holds the position of Director of Operations at Eduproof Inc. and Canadian Study Associates Inc. Additionally, he is a founding member of Canada Education Portal, Inc., where he continues to contribute his expertise and knowledge to the advancement of the education sector.

With his extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and strong passion for education, Mr. Zahid Morshed is a driving force in the field of education management, making a significant impact on the lives of students and the growth of the industry.